What’s Up?

If all things go well, perhaps this site can grow.

So, it’s very nice to meet you all! Indirectly, that is.

Anyhow, to put it bluntly, I am an aspiring writer. Hopefully, many of you are as well, or at the very least intensive readers that like to read writers forums from time to time. After all, writers and readers tend to go hand-in-hand. That being said, what genre do you write in? What genre do you read in?

As a young writer still working on her first novel, I find myself writing in a very general space. There are genres in this first-born novel of mine that stick out to me, but nonetheless, the overall theme of it surprises me each time I think back to it. You see, while the closest I get to reading in the genre I would like to write in is reading amateur creepypasta  stories, I tend to read more so in the fantasy-action genres, those of which are normally followed with romance/friendship subplots. Although, these books that I read are more often than not graphic novels –comic books, manga, manhwa, all the same to me (at least, at the very core they’re the same). Still, I honestly believe that all stories from all platforms fall into the same lane; the purpose is simply to tell an entertaining story. Lately, it would seem that simply telling a decently entertaining story won’t cut it anymore.

Now, people want to see deeper complexities. People want to relate, but then they also want to be able to see themselves in the story. Writers like to do this in different ways, and to each their own, but for me personally, I like to try to use as many different ways to relate my stories and the universe created within these stories to my possible audience. I try my best, via storytelling, characters, setting, and all the in-betweens. How do you like to create complexities? Do you like complexities? Do you think newer writers should attempt something like this with multiple characters, if even one?

How do you draw connections?

What I want is to be able to exchange thoughts on topics in regards to creative writing, but I also want you to actively exchange your ideas with the communities. Therefore, I hope we can all get along! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you choose to stay and indulge into this trip with me!


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